ZenMate Review

Recently there has been a lot of uproar about a new vpn called ZenMate. It is a free browser add on for chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, and Opera. It is also available for Android and IOS. So I have decided to break it down and see if this VPN is worth your time and money (unless you use the free version of it.)

The Good
Easy to install and use.
Decent speed.
Free (for now).

The Bad
Limited number of server locations (for the free version)
Being a browser add-on, ZenMate does not “cover” the user while he is using the internet outside the browser (P2P ect).
IP leaks are all over the place, so there is definitely need to use additional plugins to stop some of the leaking (over WebRTC, Flash etc.). This is more for the people who really want to stay anonymous while online.

In terms of pricing, ZenMate is currently free but on their website there are also 3 different pricing packages, as Premium upgrade:

Monthly plan, costing 8.99 euros ($10.21)per month, is the first option.
The 6 Months plan 7.99 euros ($9.07)per month
Yearly plan 6.99 euros ($7.94) per month.

So pricing wise they are pretty expensive, and not at the lower end of the spectrum. There are a lot cheaper and better ones out there like frootvpn


If you are not to worried about privacy and are not a heavy user and are just using it for basic privacy then I would say go for it use it away. However, if your using it for more than just trying to get to blocked websites and access Netflix then I would say stay away because this is not a full VPN, just a browser add on. For a really good one that is free