Tiny Wall Review

A firewall controller utility that helps improves the operation of the default Windows firewall and effectively blocks Trojans, viruses, worms, and other malicious software. It’s largely based on application whitelisting picked by its corresponding executable, process, or window.


Robust: TinyWall does not install its own kernels it just  adds some very robust features and protection to your Windows firewall by initially blocking practically everything and then creating exceptions.  Very tough to get past, if you black list something that program will not run until white listed.

No pop-up messages: Taking a cue from the default Windows firewall, TinyWall does away with those extremely annoying diversions.  You do not have to have a understand anything about DLL files, ports, or other technical details to use this app effectively. And the most important part there is no bloat ware.

Updates: For a utility developed by a single person, it is surprising to have updates, although admittedly cloud functionality is a much more immediate way to respond to new threats.

Light Weight: TIny Wall is just that, its very small and robust. It does not take up much of your computer’s memory.

Its Free: Hopefully I wont need to go into this one to much. But This firewall is not only amazingly good but free as well!


Learning mode is not foolproof: When entering Autolearn mode you must be absolutely certain that your computer has no malware; otherwise it will unavoidably be whitelisted by the firewall and not detected at all. It kind of beats the logic of having protection in the first place. This process I am sure will improve over time.

Bottom Line

TinyWall increases the control you have over the default Windows firewall and enhances its level of protection. It requires very limited user input and does away with all the irritating messages and pop-ups. I highly recommended this well-made app.