Melemele Island Trials Walkthrough Part 1

Some Pokemon you will meet along the way


When starting Pokemon Sun and Moon, you’ll first have to pick your language. You won’t be able to change this later on.

Then, you’ll have a video chat with Professor Kukui and choose a photo for your trainer passport. You’ll be able to customize your character at a Salon or Apparel Shop when you find them later in the game.

You live in the Hau’oli Outskirts of Melemele Island, in between Hau’oli Cityto the west and Route 1 to the north. Your mom is standing on the deck of your new house, and exclaims about the great weather. It will be day time in Sun and night time in Moon. Besides from a few story missions, after this portion of the game, Pokemon Sun will occur during the same time as your 3DS, while in Pokemon Moon it will be 12 hours ahead.

On your desk, you can read a book your father gave you with adventure rules. Open the Menu with the X button and record progress with Save. Like all Pokemon games, you have a Nintendo console in your room. This time, it’s a Wii U! Go downstairs and talk to your mom. Get the door for Professor Kukui to activate a cutscene, where he asks you to go to the next town Iki Town, to meet the island kahuna and get a Pokemon. The kahunas, as Kukui puts it, are crazy-strong Pokemon Trainers in Alola. You can also explore your mom’s room downstairs in the top-left corner, or the deck to the right, but there’s nothing of interest there.

Go back upstairs to grab your Bag and hat from the boxes in front of your bed, and head back downstairs to get going on your adventure! Also, don’t forget to sleep on the bed before leaving the house. You will receive an Awakening item from Meowth. Once you leave the house, going right will prompt Kukui to call you over the other way. You must go in his direction because it’s dangerous to explore without a Pokemon. Follow him to Iki Town.

Return Later – Main Story

After the festival in Iki Town, Lillie comes to your house to take you to Kukui’s Pokemon Research Lab. Head south from your house to explore another area of Hau’oli Outskirts.

Youngster Kevin

Grubbin ♂
TypeBugString ShotVice Grip
Held Item

After fighting Kevin, cut through the tall grass to get to the Awakeningitem.

Lass Madison

Wingull ♀
Held Item

Once at the lab, Kukui will give you more information on the Island Challenge and give you two items. First, he’ll upgrade your Pokedex to a Rotom Pokedex, then he will give you an Amulet to mark you as a Pokemon Trainer partcipating in the Island Challenge. You can go downstairs to read some information about Pokemon Move Dex, but otherwise just go on your way. From now on, Rotom Pokedex will mark on your map where you need to go with a red flag.

Next stop is the Pokemon Center! Definitely stock up on Poke Balls and Potions if you need them. You never want to have less than 10 Poke Ballsin your bag, as you never know when you’re going to run into hard-to-catch Pokemon or an ultra-rare Shiny Pokemon. The more Poke Balls the better. On the left side of the Pokemon Center is the cafe. You’ll get a consumable imported from other regions when you order a drink, but this only occurs once per day. Sometimes, the barista will give you an item just for talking to them! With each order, you’ll also get Poke Beans to use with Pokemon Refresh, so make sure to visit Cafes often.

After exploring the Pokemon Center, head out and go west to get to the Trainer’s School.