Killing Floor 2 Review

KF2’s gardens are a biotics lab (run by someone who might as well be called Dr. Mad von Scientist), a snowy facility, and a section of post-civilization Paris. The “zombies” if you will are  monstrously malformed Zeds (is what the zombie creatures are called). They’re nasty little things. The bulk are skinny, pasty and zombie-like, but then there are specials like hulking chainsaw dudes, fat vomiting fellas, and shrieking Sirens.


Recently I have been playing this epic new amazing zombie game called killing floor 2.  Now if you have played the first killing floor (that came out in 2005), it is just like that one, only better much better. This game is one of the greatest zombie games ever made for the PC and soon to be PS4 ( although not confirmed yet). You can get this game in its early access on steam for only $29. Now granted once this game is out of early access and goes to full production you are going to wish you only spent $29 for this game. I can not stress enough how much fun this game is.  However, because this game is still in the early access phase there are only  3 maps to play on at the moment. That will get stail and fast, the weapon selection is really good for an early access game and so are the perks. Now I can only imagine that the more into the development process they go the better this game will become.  This is a multiplier game so team work is important.  This game allows up to six players to play at one time, the goal is to help each other make it through the levels that come before you. Kinda like zombies. You know in the good old days where you would try to survive wave after wave and see how far you could make it before you died, and before the zombies got all futuristic on you (Advance War Fare). Kinda like that, only in my personal opinion a bit better.  This game’s graphics are pretty amazing, and everything is well done. For an early access this game is very well put together.

Final Verdict

 Remember it is an Early Access so  there’s still tweaking to do. The final release will probably include more perks, more weapons, and more maps. It will need all of that, especially the maps, but Killing Floor 2 is already excellently designed. The guns, regardless of any fastidious tweaking they may need, are superbly fun to shoot. They animate with character and force, while Zeds react to the force, stumbling, ragdolling, and exploding with gibs. The server browser works almost flawlessly (at worst, it doesn’t refresh fast enough to show accurate player counts), and I’ve never had to worry about finding other players. I also appreciate that KF2 launches quickly, lets me skip its splash screens, and has been almost entirely stable (it hung on the loading screen once or twice, but that’s forgivable).  I also love the culture of fun among the players, who enjoy shooting fountains of cash between each other while waiting for waves to start. When it grows into a full release, Killing Floor 2 will live a long and happy life, especially—to safely speculate a bit—thanks to all of its future modders it will have.  So if you like zombie games, then I say get this game now do not wait another second!