Uber For Weed

Posted on May 4 2015 - 2:02am by TekGuru


An app billed as ‘Uber for weed’ has received some SERIOUS backing, raising over $10million on its startup campaign.

Snoop Dogg  aka Lion, or whatever people call him  now, Snoop  Lion  has invested heavily in the company ‘Eaze’ a delivery service for legal weed.

Basically, you go on your app, order weed, it tells you how long it’ll be, then it gets dropped off. It is very simple, yet very effective. Weed delivered in about half  an hour. Beats waiting in the cold on a street corner for a divvy in his car to pull up half an hour late, blaring Dr Dre and making it as on top as possible.

Eaze is currently operating in 35 cities, but with huge money like this rolling in, soon they may be expanding to a city near you.

The founder of Eaze, Keith McCarty, wants the focus is on quality, claiming that they deal with ‘only the best dispensaries’.

Legalising weed in parts of America has seen a boom in new businesses, like this delivery service, or vending machines.



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