Two more Oculus Rift exclusives are announced

Posted on Apr 18 2016 - 7:07pm by Valeri

Developer Insomniac Games work hard bringing new games to Oculus Rift. Now, in partnership with Oculus Studios, it’s releasing two more Rift games this year not to mention Edge of Nowhere, which is coming in June. Since these games bring something new to gaming industry, it’s time to talk about them in depth. Are you also curious to discover what is waiting for Oculus Rift gamers in the nearest future?

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The Unspoken

The Unspoken, targeted for the end of this year, plans to focus on the Oculus Touch controllers which ought to be released by then. Two battle wizards, each controlled by a player, duel it out in modern-day Chicago, waving arms to cast spells. Get good enough and you’ll be able to read your opponent’s hand gestures.

The game is presented as “Urban Magic Fight Club”, where players enter the seedy underbelly of contemporary Chicago’s occult community and take part in duels with others. With a very deep PVP focus, you can cast a variety of different spells from summoning golden crows, conjuring intense fireballs, and even constructing large golems to help you win. Utilizing the Oculus Touch controls, the creators thought that having players actually make the motions to conjure spells would add a greater element of immersion and make everything more real. It totally worked by the way! Each match feel very intense, and even can be used as a small workout.


Here is what Price said about the original idea behind the new game:

“The idea for [The Unspoken] had been percolating at Insomniac for a couple years, and we could never figure out how to make it work There was something missing. And it turned it out making this title where you’re a wizard in the modern world was a perfect fit for the touch controllers, so we jumped at it.”

Feral Rites

Here is the trailer for Feral Rites, coming this Autumn, but it doesn’t give much away. All we know is that it’s a third person, quest-driven, combo-based brawler. In short, players will explore an island swarmed with monsters to uncover the source of the evil that has swept their home, also collecting loot and completing quests for the local citizens. Taking influences from various games like The Legend of Zelda, God of War, and even Altered Beast, the developers aimed to craft a title that focuses on their studio’s strengths while using new VR toolset in some interesting and unexpected ways. The most interesting fact is that like Edge of Nowhere, Feral Rites is also a third-person game that proves once again that VR gaming doesn’t necessarily mean a first-person perspective game.

“Feral Rites in particular came about a month after Edge of Nowhere,” Price explained. “Marcus Smith (Creative Director on Feral Rites and Sunset Overdrive) had a concept that we knew could work well in VR. “

We are somewhat surprised Insomniac has made both games exclusive to the Oculus store, but it doesn’t matter much particularly as one clever hack has already demonstrated how artificial the separation between Rift and Vive games in fact is—after all, everything runs through PC.

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