The Rumored Apple iPhone 6c

Posted on Mar 23 2016 - 10:51pm by TekGuru

The Internet is abuzz with speculation as to what features will be included in the newest iteration of Apple’s wildly successful smartphone.  Here’s the latest information, including what is known and what is merely rumored.

Fact: Apple is working on a newer, smaller smartphone.  This phone is directed towards those consumers who would prefer something a little bit more convenient to stash in a pocket or purse.  Intended to reverse the trend of ever-larger screens (some consumers have voiced concerns that phones will soon become the size of small tablets), the iPhone 6c will be a 4-inch successor to the iPhone 5s.

Rumor: The new phone will be officially dubbed the “iPhone 6c.”  Truth be told, Apple will have no device by this name.  The official name of the new phone will be “iPhone 5se” or “iPhone SE” in order to reflect its status as a successor to the iPhone 5s. 

Rumor: The front display will be made of curved glass.  As of this writing, nobody really knows that much about whether the front display will be curved or flat.  Further, as of this writing, nobody can predict for certain exactly what will be running inside the case.  Many people expect the new phone to have the same A9 processor that was used in the larger iPhone 6 units, but it is unlikely that it will have more than 1 GB of RAM.  Likewise, the capacity will probably be limited—it is, after all, a smaller phone—and it is unlikely that we will see a phone with 128 GB; more realistic expectation will be something along the lines of 16 and 32 GB capacities, maybe even 64 GB.

Fact: There are a number of expected features, but their inclusion or exclusion in the new phone have not been verified.

Without a crystal ball—or some very impressive access into the inner circles of Apple—we cannot say for certain which features will be included.  However, the rumors are that expected features include Touch ID and an NFC chip to support the use of Apple’s Apple Pay service.  In addition, the phone will most likely have Bluetooth 4.2 and VoLTE.  Rounding out the package will likely be 802.11ac WiFi.

Given that 3D Touch is a feature unique to the iPhone 6 phones, we do not expect to see it included with the iPhone 5se.  Finally, when it comes to cameras, the new phone will likely have the 12-megapixel camera that has been used in the iPhone 6 phones.  Advancements in technology allow Apple to add an improved autofocus feature as well as to give the phone the ability to photograph larger panoramic shots than past versions.

Fact: The new phone is highly anticipated.  Apple devotees are nothing if not loyal to their brand, and the swirling rumors relating to what the newest phone may or may not have are indicative of the rapt attention being paid to the latest developments.  One thing is for sure: when it is finally released, the “iPhone 5se” or “iPhone SE” will certainly do well in sales.


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Note that the picture is a mockup of what the phone might look like; nobody knows for sure yet.

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