The Hololens

Hololens: What It is, and How It Will Change the Way We Use Computers

If you have not heard about Microsoft’s newest product, the Hololens, prepare to be awestruck.  The Hololens is a wearable computer; it fits inside a pair of glasses that look like a pair of safety glasses on steroids.  However, the Hololens is much, much more than merely a simple computer that you wear in a pair of glasses: the Hololens is a holographic computing marvel of technology.


When you wear the Hololens it projects a hologram out in front of you; to you this hologram can appear to be any number of things: a screen placed on a wall; a pair of floating arrows showing you the intricacies of a diagram of something overlaying the real thing so the diagram and reality merge into one; even a highlighted map showing where you are and a highlighted route to take you where you want to be.

Rather than using the traditional mouse and keyboard, the Hololens has the ability to interpret glances, gestures, and your voice itself.  You will be able to navigate through menus and open and close various programs without ever touching a mouse or a keyboard.

Changes are Coming to the Way We Use Computers

In addition to doing away with the traditional mouse and keyboard, the Hololens will actually change the way we think and transition between our computers and our environment.

Indeed, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Hololens will revolutionize the way you use a computer; rather than taking a “time-out” from reality to consult a computer and input queries and then trying to apply the answers to your situation, the Hololens will interact with reality and allow you to combine holograms and your environment to seamlessly transition between the two.

It may soon become common to see people walking down the street gesturing and speaking to (seemingly) nobody at all.  Likewise, the issues that have heretofore plagued those who rely on the Internet to obtain information and apply it to their environment will soon be gone.

Imagine working on your car, and the Hololens lays a diagram down over the engine, highlighting the part that you need to remove or the bolt that needs to be adjusted.  Imagine walking through the mall, following a glowing path to take you to the store you are seeking out.  All these things, previously the province of science fiction, will soon be a reality.

Holographic computing is the future, and it is here.  The Hololens promises to completely change computing on the same scale that the advent of the personal computer did.  Microsoft is currently open to accepting ideas and propositions from the public, so if you can think of a way this may change your life and something you would like to see, feel free to visit the website and submit your request or idea.  You can also sign up to be kept up to date on all the latest developments and news about this technological marvel.