Street Fighter V: new character, rage quit punishments and matchmaking improvements

Posted on Apr 18 2016 - 8:22pm by Valeri

Capcom just confirmed a few important updates they bring to Street Fighter later this month. Among the most important changes is a new character – Guile. He’ll have his own Character Story and set of unique Trials, as well as an expanded repertoire of moves including a new ability called Faultless Move that enables him to advance in a “crouch walk state” all while keeping his charge. The arrival of Guile will be at the same time as the release of the first Street Fighter V DLC stage, which will be Guile’s Air Force Base. Owners of the season pass will be given the level at no charge, while everyone else can buy for 70,000 FM (Fight Money).



It’s the second downloadable character for Street Fighter V that was introduced earlier today by Capcom on its Facebook page. If you haven’t played Street Fighter games before, Guile debuted in 1991’s Street Fighter 2, and Capcom announced during PlayStation Experience 2015 that he would be one of six DLC characters for Street Fighter 5. Also, the game’s first post-release character, Alex, already arrived in the second part of the game’s March update. Alex is still available to all players for free until Capcom adds the in-game shop with Zenny, Street Fighter 5‘s real-money currency. The same is with Guile – he will be free for all players until the real-money Zenny shop goes live. Then, he’ll be available for purchase for 100,000 FM or 600 Zenny, which is only $6. Capcom just conformed that Guile will be released in Street Fighter 5‘s April update, which still does not have a specific date.

Guile (left) against his fellow DLC character Alex:


“Rage Quit System”

Another important improvement is also on the way, which will lock players “who have high disconnect rates during matches” out of matchmaking for a set period of time. These improvements to the matchmaking system are meant to improve the process of creating and connecting to Battle Lounges, and should also make it easier to find opponents:

“The way this will work is the system will identify players who have high disconnect rates during matches and will lock them out of matchmaking for a period of time. Players who have been identified as abusing the system will receive an in-game message notifying them they have been locked out of matchmaking,”states the blog.

Also, Capcom states that “more additions and enhancements to this system will be implemented in the future” which is good since the given improvements are not detailed enough to ease the concerns of many Street Fighter fans. In regard to matchmaking the Capcom’s post reads:

“We will also be making a number of improvements to Street Fighter 5’s matchmaking. Many users should have an easier time creating and connecting to Battle Lounges and we are also loosening the restrictions on finding an opponent. We know users in Europe and other parts of the world have experienced some issues finding opponents and this should help increase the amount of battles coming their way.”


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