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Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 6:57pm by Marcus Jhamat

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It’s Marcus here with a trailer analysis of the latest entry in the Red Dead Redemption series. Today I will be looking at content from the latest trailer, to see where or not we can find out any information or content we can expect once the game is released.

Now it has been 6 years since Red Dead Redemption was first brought out on ps3 and xbox360. At the time Rock Star introduced a new twist on the open world concept, by bringing people back to a popular subject “The Wild West”. The gamer would take control over the main character called “John Marston” on the quest to hunt down his old gang which would grant him amnesty from the state; the rest is history for the people who played the game who were taken on a rollercoaster of emotion.

The first topic of discussion that I want to discuss is the eye to detail with the trailer itself. It seems Rock Star has looked at every detail of the game, improving the game visually with detail which may go unnoticed to a majority of people playing the game.

For example with the horse itself, in the previous Red Dead Redemption, it seemed that the horse missed its key anatomy for a male horse. Now it seems Rock Star has added one key or should I say two key missing details. However, jokes aside, from adding finer details to the game itself, from a visual perspective it seems that the team down at San Diego Rock Star are not going to miss out anything. Overall with everything looking visually stunning, it should make the open world concept that much enjoyable when it comes to releasing date.

The second significant shot in the trailer that I want to take everyone is the scene where it appears that two men are seen canoeing along a river. From this, we can speculate that Rock Star is looking to expand on their modes of transport with large bodies of water. We can also speculate that they player may be able to swim, as the last instalment, we were unable to do so, which was a let-down in the game.

Another significant feature within this shot in the trailer is the “dream catcher” which can be seen dangling above the two men on a branch. This is a trademark trinket of the Native Americans. There is also a popular theory that the man rowing the canoe is actually a native America, from what we can see from his attire, as well as his length of hair which is tied back which again reinforces the stereotypical looking for a Native American.

Native Americans were referenced back in Red Dead Redemption 1 where they did have a minor role however not that significant. However this time, it seems that they may be a prominent figure within the game. This leads me onto believe that the game may be set between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the late tales of the Indian wars. More specifically my assumption is that we are looking at the game to be set between 1985 and 1905.

We cannot go any later than 1906 because it was a year later that John Marston was left for dead by his old gang after a botched robbery which marked his retirement. Therefore it is pretty safe to assume that the start of the game would be within a timeline of 1985 – 1905. Now to look at what was happing during that timeline as far as the Native American history is concerned, well we have the tail end of the American wars which lasted from 1811 – 1924. Within the timelines which I have mentioned we have various wars such as the Indian Appropriations Act of 1871, which ended the recognition of any independent Indian nation by the United States at the time. There are also battles such as the Bannock Uprising (1895), Yaqui Uprising (1896) and Battle of Sugar Point (1898, it was also during this time that boarding schools were created for Native Americans.

Therefore with such a significant change in history occurring during this time for the Native Americans, they will have more of an influential role within the game. Also, the alleged leaked map of where Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place, reinforces that idea that we will see more of the historical changes for the Native Americans.

Keeping on the route of the historical time line, we seem to see an abundance of American Bison buffalos in the next shot. Previously in Red Dead Redemption 1 there was a total of 20 and if the player had killed them all they would not respawn. Rock Star did this to represent the near extinction of American Bisons. Taking a look at this shot is it safe to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 takes places place before its predecessor. After all, there is more Bison’s in this single shot than in the entirety of Red Dead Redemption 1. However, it can be speculated that it is merely a farm for the bison’s and the numbers of them are capped again in the sequel. Whilst, on the other hand, Rock Star can be taking liberty with its pseudohistory as it has with its Grand Theft Auto series.

Next, I want to explore the next image where the trailer takes us and that is right out a general store. Now there is a lot you can take from this image alone. Rock Star previously has explored with its GTA series, going into a shop buying items to customise your character.

We got to see glimmers of this in Red Dead Redemption 1 where you was able to shop for weapons as well accessories for your character. It would be interesting to see what they do in the next instalment, where they can improve and additional content that they can add.

Right after we get a shot of the general store we are taken to another image with a pack of vultures eating a dead carcase. This again reinforces the fact that Rock Star is looking to add further details to the open world. It would be nice to see whether we can influence what happens to the wildlife in the game. For instance, if we shot an animal in the game, would the pack of vulture eat away at the carcase or it would it be a random phenomenon?

I also want the reader to pay special attention to the man holding the rifle leaning against the waggon, who closely resembles uncle from Red Dead Redemption 1. Not only does the man look like a younger version of Uncle but also looks like he could be a rancher. This is significant because for people who played the game know that Uncle mentioned that he was once a rancher who owned his own spread before becoming a petty thief. The reason for saying this is because, with the first image at the top of the article, we are taken to an image of a man wearing similar clothes in a ranch setting with a horse. It could be the same unknown character or a completely new person. Due to the similar attire, we can assume that Uncle and this unknown character are the same people. However it could be a random NPC with a generic look of a rancher; however, he’s hoping that he makes a return as his younger self.

Moving on we are taken next to an image of an what can be speculated as an oil field, as oil was in high demand during the speculated timeline. At first glance, it can be mistakenly taken as a village which is being burnt to the ground, however, the tower-like structures suggest otherwise.

Now if we look back onto the image of the alleged leaked map, we can see clear signs of the oil fields marked which all point towards the theory that we may see oil field in the latest instalment.

I have looked elsewhere on the map to see if there is any other oil field, however, couldn’t find a single another place. This is why it has led me to believe that it is no other than heartland oil field.

Lastly, I want to take people to the image of the men and “woman” riding on their horses. The magnificent 7 looking group, with the Dutch’s gang all together. On the far right, we can clearly see that the person in a yellow top, is more than likely a woman however not any woman. She could be no other than Abigail Marston. More than likely we are going to be treated to an amazing story of what happened between the gang before they all died, the story they shared and the adventures they went on.

From what I have seen so far we are most likely to get a younger John Marston, Abigail Marston, jack swift, Dutch Van Der Linde, Red Harlow, Bill Williamson, Landon Ricketts and Shadow Wolf. The game will give a back story for Red Dead Redemption 1, explaining what exactly happened between the gang, along with a historical element with an amazing story.

If you haven’t done so please do look at the trailer for the game, as well as like, share and comment your own opinion or interpretations of what is going to be the game.

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