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Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 11:43pm by TekGuru

During the PlayStation Meeting in New York City this year, Sony officially revealed the “PlayStation 4 Pro”, a notable upgrade from the original PlayStation 4.

The PS4 Pro boasts enhanced image processing as well as support for 4K image resolution, giving console gamers an even bigger incentive to upgrade to this system. Playing PS4 games on 4K-supported TVs will result in pure eye-gasms for players who care about a game’s frame rate and visual appeal. 4K video playback can also be used to stream videos and upgraded versions of YouTube and Netflix will be available at the PS4 Pro’s launch to be offer players more 4K content.

The PS4 Pro will additionally deliver 1080p resolution for all PS4 games. Sony also clarified that all PS4 models and versions will remain under a unified platform which means that all PS4 games will work on PS4 models. This clarification proves Sony’s wish to not force existing PS4 players into upgrading but rather offer a system which will appeal to hardcore gamers who have been migrating to PC for better frame rates and visuals.

Specs for the PS4 Pro include a 1TB storage size, 4K/HDR support and the console will arrive in jet black colour. The console will also support Serial ATA Revision 3.0 hard drives. To offer some context, Serial ATA Revision 3.0 has a data transfer rate of 6GB per second as opposed to 3GB per second in Serial ATA Revision 2.0.

A list of PS4 Pro compatible game titles have been released, including Call of Duty, The Elder Scrolls Online, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Watch Dogs 2, Days Gone, Uncharted 4, FIFA 16 and more.

For a lot of hardcore Sony fans, upgrading to the PS4 Pro isn’t a hard decision. At the same time, there has been outrage and theories which have emphasized how the PS4 Pro could potentially destroy Sony’s product cycle. The biggest concern that has been pushing through the minds of existing PS4 owners is the simple question “why”. Why disrupt a product (the PS4) that was already successful in the market? The console sold more than 45 million units worldwide in just three years. On the other hand, the PS4 Pro seems rather unwarranted – a product no one asked for – especially when the PS4 already outsold the Xbox One. Of course Sony could have been pressured to come up with something to match Microsoft’s One S, but now that people have begun to compare the Pro with the One S, the One S does sound far more appealing, cost and feature-wise. At just US$299, the slim Xbox One touts 4K up-scaling, HDR and a 4K Blu-ray drive, the latter of which Sony’s PS4 Pro is missing.

It is also interesting to note that Sony’s PS4 Pro announcement came nearly three months after Microsoft unveiled their next console, the “X Box One S” during their E3 show in June. The PlayStation 4 Pro will launch worldwide on November 10th at US$399 which is the same price as the 2TB version of the X Box One S.

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