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So in the spirit of this article I am going to start with a jewish joke: What is Hitler’s least favorite planet?… Jewpiter.  So if you read past that joke congratulations you don’t get easily butt hurt by a  little joke. However, if the WSJ were to read this I would be now considered anti semitic which would be far from the truth. After all its what they did to PewDiePie after his Fiver video. Now a video he meant as a joke and the media took it completely the wrong way and labeled him as anti semitic. Normally, I wouldn’t write articles getting into this whole drama thing. But for this one I had too. And this is not so much an article as it is an opinion really.


So my opinion on this is that PewDiePie’s video was completely taken out of context by the WSJ and they needed some front page news that would get them clicks and ad revenue (which is not what I am trying to do since let’s face it, I am a nobody with an opinion. And I encourage everyone to drop ad block and us ublock orgins. Even on this site) I think the WSJ did this for a) clicks b) to say look what we did, we stood up for the Jewish community and we social just worries.  Congrats WSJ you just proved to everyone that you have sticks up your butts. How about just taking a joke and moving on with life. Don’t agree with his videos? Fine dont watch his videos.


But no, you had to take it one step further and try to completely destroy him and his career. According to PewDiePie’s most recent video post, the WSJ tried to have youtube completely demonize his channel. Really? Completely demonize someone’s channel because, over a video that was supposed to be a joke. If his channel wasn’t so big I bet that they wouldn’t even care ( I wonder if they would even care about this little opinion piece.). I am going to guess that going forward, if the WSJ doesn’t agree with someone on something and they are big enough well that person better watch out or else they will probably get slandered. And who cares even if PewDiePie was anti semitic he’s not hurting anyone. If people for some odd reason liked antisemitic shit, well let them because they are free to like whatever they and PewDiePie is free to post whatever videos he wants. Now I do understand that with freedom of speech comes consequences and PewDiePie acknowledged that and apologized and has now probably learned a very important lesson.  


For the WSJ to pick up that up as news and defend it, is just sad. To want everyone to drop him is even worse. I wonder if they claim to favor freedom of speech, because if they do they sure has hell have a weird way of showing it.  Oh also I guess we can ignore all the charity work PewDiePie has done. All the good things he has done with his money. For example raising $1M for various charities. He has also done a live stream on December of last year to raise money for charity. But I guess that doesn’t count does it WSJ? Luckily his fans are smart enough to see through all of this and stand by him. If you have read this rant this far, I thank you. Now before I end it I am going to Link PewDiePie’s videos in below that the WSJ was so keen that it was anti semitic and let you make your own opinion. Just for disclosure I am going to link full videos not clips of the videos. So PewDiePie if you read this (here is to hoping) keep doing you and screw the WSJ, they can burn for all I care.


Thank you everyone for reading through that rant. As promised here are the videos. Also if there are some grammar issues, bite me. This was just a personal opinion and was not trying to make it all scholarly and what not.


The Video that started it all (Not PewDiePie’s original upload, I think for good reason he took it down.)


His appology


And Finally latest video



Enjoy, watch and make up your mind about all of this.

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