New DDR5 Ram Memory

Posted on Apr 1 2017 - 2:24pm by TekGuru

If you just upgraded to new DDR4 ram memory you may be good for a while, for those still on DDR3 ram it will soon be time for an upgrade.  Now before anyone starts freaking out DDR5 ram memory will have a long way to go before it is main stream.

The reason behind that is that  memory controllers in processors and SoCs need to be updated to support DDR5, and these chips normally take two or three years to design from start to finish. So at best we will be looking at a 2020 until main stream DDR5 public use since  the standard won’t be finalized until sometime in 2018.

Now DDR5 promises to double the memory bandwidth and density and be more power efficient. For many PC enthusiast this is really exciting news, however, sadly we will have to wait until 2020ish to play with it.

One final thing to point out before concluding this article is to keep your eyes on Optane SSD. This an 375GB SSD on a PCIe card, now this can double as ram memory. When this was first introduced it was said that it would be  1,000 times faster than NAND flash, 10 times denser than DRAM.

Now we don’t know what it will be faster at. However, I do think that will be or could be a replacement for ram memory some time in the near or far future.

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