New Biometric MasterCard Credit Card

Posted on Apr 24 2017 - 7:49pm by TekGuru
MasterCard  just  revealed  one of their brand new payment card that has a built-in biometric fingerprint scanner. Now while this card is just in testing, this card will allow customers to authorize payments with their fingerprint instead of pin or signature. This card is expected to go world wide by the end of 2017.
As a procoution  this card will still be able to use a pin number as a backup. This is just in case you do allow someone to use your credit card, such as your spouse or child. This backup was also set in place in case the finger print reader does not feel like cooperating with you that day.
According to MasterCard, the new biometric payment card will not require store owners and businesses to buy any new hardware, like fingerprint scanners, because the sensor in the card reads your fingerprint.

Will Stores need new hardware?

Not at all since both the data and the scanner exist on the same card.  The new payment cards work with existing EMV card terminal infrastructure. But as with all new things there is a catch.

 Banks Need to Adopt New Technology

As with all new things, someone will need to do some updates before it can fully be implemented. Before this new cards can be adopted worldwide, your banks or financial institution will have to get on board with the new tech.

How MasterCard Biometric Payment Card Works

While shopping at any store, just place your biometric payment card into a retailer’s EMV terminal and then put your finger on the embedded sensor to pay. Your fingerprints will be verified against a template stored on your card to approve your transaction.

So in short this kinda works like your finger print scanner on your Iphone or Android does now. One scan once your finger print is saved and your all set.

Can Identity Thieves still steal this card info and use it?

Fingerprints can be faked, unfortunately, and we have seen previous research in which high-resolution images were used to make fake fingerprints for malicious purpose.  So while this new tech seems cool, it can like almost anything else still be hacked.

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