Job Simulator gets a price drop to “share the joy of VR”

Posted on Apr 21 2016 - 3:01pm by Valeri

It’s been only two weeks since Job Simulator, a game which despite its truly unappealing title is actually great, was released and it already gets a price drop. The reason for it is quite uncommon and it’s definitely not because the game is not popular among users. On the contrary, a VR recreation of various modern jobs in a robot-run future, can be one of the most intriguing VR experiences available on the market right now. So why Job Simulator Studio made the recent announcement of a permanent 25 percent price drop? They had a pretty good reasons to do so:

“This will allow even more people to experience the mind blowing moment when you realize your hands can truly work in VR—and then be used to throw a stapler at your boss.”


Job Simulator Short Review

As the title suggests, the game simulate jobs that most of us have spent years trying to escape. The year is 2050, and you are a human in a museum-slash-theme park run by robots that simulates the most boring jobs of the 21st century . Job Simulator one of the best showcases for room scale VR so far, but you won’t play it for too long anyway – consider it a bright introduction to virtual reality only.

In short, this game has only four jobs: Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, Store Clerk, and Auto Mechanic. The setups look almost the same: you operate from an enclosed area—your cubicle, behind the till for the store—and are surrounded by the gizmos needed to get the work done. Space is used with incredible economy in order to maximize the variety of possible tasks.


Price Cut

Since the game was expensive to make, the price was initially set at $40. As the developer Owlchemy Labs explained:

“With the launch of a brand new platform, no one quite knew what to expect, so we had to use whatever metrics we had available to us. We knew that the initial market for VR would be something that would grow over time, but as it takes a long time to get this brand spanking new hardware into consumers hands, we knew it would be a slow start. In order to recoup our costs for the smaller audience, we placed what we believed to be a competitive, but fair, price on the game.”

But while the game was ranked as “above expectations” and got dozens of “very positive” reviews on Steam, a number of comments in the “Pricing Discussion” forum were less than enthusiastic. Users, who should pay first for a VR headset, were not ready to spend that much on a new game. The owners of the HTC Vive headset were more lucky than others – Job Simulator is one of two games that come bundled with the HTC Vive, but for those looking to buy it separately, the price was quite disappointing.

That’s why, from now on, it now carries a permanent $30/£23 price tag. The developers sincere hope that this will make the game more accessible to first VR gamers and even offered to issue a refund to anyone who purchased the game at the original price. So, if you spent $40 you have until April 26 to claim a refund, regardless of how many hours you played, and then re-purchase the game at the lower cost.

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