I got 99 Problems but Tek ain’t one!

Posted on May 2 2015 - 10:18pm by TekGuru

Hey everyone, Andy aka The TekGuru here welcoming you to my new site All That Tek.  I am going to be posting everything to this website.  This website will be meant to create a community of all tech lovers. I want this website to be so so much. I will have game reviews, software reviews, gadget reviews, news, and the list will go on. Also if I find apps that I like I will review them, so any app developers out there feel free to send me an app. Got any questions for me, send them via the contact me on this site, or contact me on my youtube channel. We will have a Facebook, twitter ect coming for this website and for  myself as well.  I look forward to working with everyone and helping people with their tech issues, its going to be a fun new adventure for me.  So lets get this tech party started!

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I love anything that is tech related, gaming, science, movies ect. I am the owner and founder of AllThatTek.

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