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Posted on Feb 14 2016 - 5:20am by TekGuru

Lets face it we all want free In-flight WiFi, now if you fly using Delta and use GoGo you will be able to do just that. A hacker by the name of  S0meguy has found out just how to get free wifi on the Gogo app. This works best if you have an Ipone or Ipad, and this will only take 6 steps

1 – Connect to the GoGo Wifi
2 – Browse to the GoGo Movie library (free or paid, it doesnt matter, you wont be paying)
3 – Click on a movie and it will bring you to a page to download the GoGo app
4 – Enter the Captcha Code to access the app.
5 – Submit it
6 – Do not close the browser now! Open a new tab and start browsing the web. If you leave the auth window active, you will retain your authentication cookie! You can browse as much as you’d like now. Once you close out the browser window, you will lose your session.

Disclaimer:This  is not a blog which promotes encourages and exite hackers,But its purpose is to inform and educate.


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