Facebook can track you even if you’re not registered

Posted on May 16 2015 - 7:18pm by TekGuru

Facebook can track you even if you’re not registered,says Belgian data protection watchdog

The Belgian Privacy Protection Commission (CPVP/CBPL) launched the scathing attack after carrying out an investigation into the US tech giant’s practices. Preliminary recommendations were published on Friday.
Facebook would not explain in detail how it uses the data it collects from individuals online and there are also problems with plug-ins, some of which can affect people who don’t even have a Facebook account, the commission said. One of the plug-ins under scrutiny was the ‘Like’ button.

The social network, the commission noted, has the power to link the browsing habits of internet users to their interactions on the net and other personal data including medical information, and sexual or religious and political preferences.

“Facebook tramples on European and Belgian privacy laws. Facebook has shown itself particularly miserly in giving precise answers,” said the data protection authority.
It is “make or break time” for Facebook, the CBPL said, concluding that the giant treats the privacy of its users “without respect.”

As a recommendation, the commission now insists that Facebook gets explicit consent from users and that its current measures are insufficient and not exempt under EU law.EU privacy laws state that prior consent must be obtained before performing tracking unless it is necessary either to connect to the service or deliver something specifically requested by the user.

The watchdog also said that Facebook should only track users when they are logged in and not when logged out, and that the social network must use cookies that expire after a certain period of time.
Users were also advised to install privacy software such as Ghostery or Disconnect browser extensions.

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