Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Is Coming To PC

Posted on Apr 6 2016 - 3:15pm by Valeri

Great news, everybody! Have you heard about Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture game? If no, it was first released last year for the PlayStation 4 and got raving reviews and now the exploration-based adventure with incredible graphics is finally coming to PC! While we don’t know a release date yet, AMD is tailoring drivers to Rapture already so it can’t be far off. For those who haven’t heard about this PS4 exclusive and the original idea behind it, here is a quick summary and other curious details about the upcoming release for PC.


The developer The Chinese Room broke the news in this Tweet:



The BAFTA-nominated game is set in a picturesque English village, in which everyone – except the player -mysteriously disappears. Your goals seems to be relatively simple: to find out just what exactly caused the sudden apocalypse. Yes, this is a walking simulator, again, but the one you are going to love. This game brings the genre much forward with all the explorations, secrets, and unexpected surprises. The developers were pushing the PS4 about as far as it will go graphically, so it’s not like there’s a lot of space for improvement anyway. However, PC offers you higher resolutions and a lot of other options you can tailor to your needs. As a result, you’ll get the beautiful picture with attention to every detail. It seems like investigating in such amazing setting is going to be a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

More details about the PC version

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, a strange, mysterious, and moving piece from The Chinese Room is much more than just investigating a town empty of people, searching for the reason the world ended by simply exploring and experiencing everything around you. In their exclusive interview with “PC Gamer“, the developers revealed other details about the upcoming release for PC. The biggest improvement is that the PC version will be available to as many people as possible: the game is fully compatible with most controllers and keyboard/mouse and offers a lot of accessibility features, like a crosshair option for people susceptible to motion sickness; visual assist for hearing-impaired players; and a ‘one button tilt’/simplified event-triggering feature for users with mobility issues.

Also, since Rapture’s just one large open world, VR support for the PC version of this game is still not considered. However, the openness of this world is what makes this game unique: it’s not just a corridor with clues and different settings, it’s a real world with endless possibilities. Exploration is really key here, and you have a lot more choice over where to go and when. That also means that every gamer will get quite a personal and unique journey, as different parts of the story will mean different things depending on which scenes you’ve discovered first.


More games from The Chinese Room

Not only will PC users be able to explore Yaughton’s empty, mysterious streets of the future, but The Chinese Room has another game in the works called Total Dark. We don’t know the release date for this title either, but Pinchbeck did indicate that Total Dark, despite its ominous-sounding name, will be a lighter-hearted title than the studio’s previous creations. It also won’t be the kind of game most people expect out of the studio–their publications don’t yet include RPGs. Either way, we are sure that it will be something curious as well.

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