Cyber Bombs

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Cyber Bombs

A few days ago, the US Pentagon has announced that the US Army has released “Cyber Bombs” on ISIS.

What are this Bombs, is Cyber Attack is an effective strategy?

What are Cyber Bombs?

We don’t know what exactly are this are, but we have 3 educated guesses: Precise, Simple & Remote attacks.

Precise – DDOS Attacks:

“Precision DDOS” attacks, just like GBU Bombs, are probably a very accurate & advanced attacks on the ISIS IT (Information Technology) Infrastructure.

DDOS – Distributed Denial of Service attacks are very effective in taking online systems offline or making them unreachable for a while.

Simple – DDOS Attacks:

The second guess is that those “Cyber Bombs” are a “Simple DDOS”, A simple DDOS, is more like Cluster Bombs, no precision here and a heavy damage, however, in Cyber Warfare, an attack like this is less effective for the long term.

Remote – Exploitation Attacks:

Our third guess is that the “Cyber Bombs” are known & unknown exploits in IT systems components that the US has managed to remotely exploit, exploitation of vulnerabilities has a better damage effect then just a DDOS attack.

Had the US Army had been successful to exploit vulnerabilities in ISIS IT Systems, it might as well be that US Army have been leveraging a malware that will clean the internet out of the ISIS propaganda websites.

Remote exploitation attack also be good for intelligence agencies, since a remote exploitation attack is not just considered to be a silent, smart & fatal attack, it can also put the US into “taking a cyber intelligence advantage”.

A Remote Exploitation Attack can be also classified as a sophisticated strategic attack.

Such an attack can lead to a sustainable results.

The “Cyber Bombs” may be actually a mix of several attacking techniques:

What about a combined attack that involves all terms of CIA – Confidentially, Integrity & Availability?

If the US Pentagon had succeeded in defining CIA (on the opposite side) as the primary objective of this Cyber Warfare Operation, then those “Cyber Bombs” can be extremely effective and can cause a serious blowout to ISIS.

Cyber Bombs Today:

Cyber Bombs actually work better than a real bombs, Cyber Bombs, unlike real bombs, will most likely won’t cause to any casualties, geographical or environmental or structural damage, but will hit its designated target.
Most likely – because it’s only half true.

Stuxnet as an Example of a Remote Cyber Bomb:

The “Stuxnet” Worm, a malware who is believed to be a development of a cyber weapon in a joint co-operation between Israel and US, Long Range, Very Accurate & Advanced Strategic Attack that according to media resources had caused an heavy damage to its designated target (Iran’s Nuclear Facilities).

Cyber Bombs In Future:

In nowadays, Cyber Warfare, is a significant warfare area, as more the IoT (Internet of Things) becomes a world standard, the more the world will become a large connected network and the more the term Cyber Security will affect our life.

Cyber Bombs are the future GBU’s Bombs and Mavericks Missiles – Very Accurate & Advanced, when a GBU or Maverick hits it’s designated target, the target is heavily damaged or either finished, Cyber Bombing will put an end to any IT Device in a very similar manner.

In the distant future, Cyber Warfare will replace everything we know about Modern Warfare at these days, and today’s current “Cyber Bombs” will most likely to be seen as the simple bombs of tomorrow.



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