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Posted on Jun 16 2015 - 6:13pm by TekGuru

Have you ever wanted to build your own “ransomware” well now with Tox you can do just that.   Believe it or not, but Tox is completely free to use. The developers of the online software make money by taking a cut (20%) of any successful ransomware campaigns its users run. So the free part is only if you successfully get some money from it, but still not bad for anyone that doesn’t know to code their own. Tox, which runs on TOR, requires not much technical skills to use and is designed in such a way that almost anyone can easily deploy ransomware in three simple steps, according to security researchers at McAfee who discovered the kit.

How to Setup your Custom Maleware?

It takes only a few seconds to create and set up your custom ransomware. Just create an account on the Tox website, without the need to provide your email address or any other identifying information.
Once a user register with the site, follow these three simple steps to creating your own malware:
  • Type a desired ransom amount you want to ask victims for.
  • Provide an additional note in the “Cause“, presumably the message that will alert victims that they are being held hostage to a piece of malware.
  • Finally, you are prompted to fill out a captcha, and click “Create“.


Your Now ready to infect people:

Your custom ransomware, designed to work on Windows systems, is now ready and available to download and spread.
Once downloaded, you can target people by sending your virus in an email attachments, just like in the style of traditional phishing emails.
Once a victim accidentally opens up the offending .scr file provided in an email, the payload will encrypt all of the data on their system and only decrypts if a Bitcoin payment is made. If your target pays the ransom amount, the Bitcoin is then transferred to the user’s Tox account from where Tox takes a 20 percent cut, and the rest can be withdrawn by the user..

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Threat?

Protecting yourself from this is quite easy to do, here are a few steps to protect yourself from the malware aka ransomware:

  • Remember always to keep regular backups of your important data.
  • Make sure that you run an active anti-virus security suite of tools on your machine.
  • Do not open any email attachments from unknown sources.
  • Finally, browse the Internet safely, aka do not go to any shady websites that you don’t know about.


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