Battalion 1944: The World War 2 Game We Want

Posted on Nov 7 2016 - 5:04pm by TekGuru

For anyone who has been desperately looking for the good old days when Call of Duty was a WWII game and was actually good, the upcoming game called Battalion 1944 may just be about the closest thing.

While Battalion 1944 is not a Call of Duty game, it was inspired by classic COD. Developed by Bulkhead, it is a game which wouldn’t usually pick up this kind of traction, except that there is a big gap in the market right now with a lot of gamers starving for this kind of classic action with no other outlet.


We really hope this game will be good, and that it will fill in the gap that Call of Duty has left wide open. This game shows a lot of promise and with a release date of  May 2017 we can’t wait to dive in to this amazing lo

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