Anti Piracy Measures putting Internet at Risk

Posted on May 3 2015 - 11:15pm by TekGuru

While diversion firms and authorities believe they’re necessary to stem the tide of on-line infringement, several current anti-piracy ways are putting web users in danger. Domain suspensions, seizures, and program down-rankings are all taking part in a region in making a less-safe on-line setting.

danger-p2pWhile it’s not entirely clear once the idea initial appeared, the notion that cutting the pinnacle off one file-sharing website ends up in the creation of many others has been in circulation for several years.

The analogy, frequently spoken because the file-sharing ‘hydra’, is commonly deployed in response to action taken by diversion firms and native authorities. Tripping off tongues somewhat simply, the defensive reaction paints anti-piracy measures as a futile waste of your time.

Nevertheless, the outrage these measures typically provoke counsel that they are doing have some impact, if solely the raising of pressure level and gnashing of teeth among website users. whether or not or not they scale back overall piracy rates long-run remains to be seen, however immediately these ways are virtually actually undermining the protection of web users.

Attacks against website domains are available varied shapes and sizes however all are designed to limit a site’s ability to stay operational. whereas they are  without a doubt an annoyance to website homeowners, they additionally cause issues for website users.

For example, several leading ‘pirate’ sites are blocked by ISPs in the United Kingdom. The blocks are simply circumvented employing a VPN however within the case of a number of the larger sites, many proxy and mirror sites have seemed to facilitate access.

The end result’s that there ar currently dozens of Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents clones, lookalikes, mirrors and proxies. Long live the hydra, right? Well more or less.

We’ve already seen the chaos and confusion these sites will cause and therefore the state of affairs isn’t obtaining any higher. it’s currently terribly possible that many thousands of casual users assume they’re employing a comparatively trustworthy far-famed website once they don’t seem to be. Sadly, several clones are crammed with aggressive and typically malicious ads not gift on the first website.

As documented on several previous occasions, a key strategy of the diversion industries is to place pressure on domain firms and registries to prevent them providing domains to pirate sites. one in all the sites hit on variety of occasions is KickassTorrents (KAT).

KAT has lost many domains in recent years together with (music trade action), (unconfirmed) and additional recently

Currently the positioning is working from (Costa Rica) however ever since the last switch a gentle stream of apparently confused website users are writing to TF and posting on sites together with Reddit.

“Why is Kickass soliciting for my master card details?” questioned another.

Obviously one in all these queries is additional serious than the opposite, however each have simple explanations. Some users ar thus confused concerning that domain the positioning is working from they’re exploitation any range of pretend sites instead, a number of that ar soliciting for master card details.

It’s a ugly state of affairs aggravated entirely by action against the official site’s domains, however are such a large amount of casual users being affected?

For years Hollywood and therefore the recording trade are putting huge pressure on Google to prevent presenting ‘pirate’ sites in its search results. once resisting for a few time, Google began tweaking it algorithms to down rank sites that have the foremost copyright complaints logged against them.

On Oct 2014, Google created its biggest changes however that resulted in traffic to torrent and different file-sharing sites taking a dive. And now, because of selections created by Google, an easy rummage around for KickassTorrents presents listings that don’t embody the $64000 website in the slightest degree, however pretend sites searching for cash instead.

Deliberate disruption – however at what cost?

While blocks ar simply circumvented, it’s clear that forcing sites from domain to domain undermines their name with users. To those not maintaining with the news on an everyday basis, disappearing sites appear unreliable owing to their own incompetence. once they ar ‘found’ exploitation Google on the other hand begin soliciting for master card details, users should very begin to assume the worst.

While this should be music to the ears of Hollywood and therefore the music trade, one must question what number innocent victims are becoming fixed during this mess.

“I registered for a free trial to get PDF of washer manual however complete up with free trial of Fat Games that is all games, thus had to ring this range to cancel trial,” aforesaid a user of the dubious service running hand-in-hand with pretend website


The instances careful higher than are simply the tip of the iceberg. With each new seizure, suspension and blockade, additional scammers can see opportunities to create cash by tricking users to sign on to phony services whereas getting their master card details by deception.

Of course, none of those issues are often cursed directly on the music or pic firms since they aren’t those running the scams. That being aforesaid, whenever concern is expressed for the well-being of web users purportedly exposed to malware on pirate sites, at some purpose that concern ought to be extended to those subjected to malware and identity fraud as a results of anti-piracy ways.


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